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Uplift Games Public Wally Registry Policies

These policies are guidelines only. While we will make best efforts to follow the policies outlined below, some circumstances may require further action and we reserve the right to take any action we deem necessary. To resolve any problems or questions not covered below, you can send us an email at wally@uplift.games.

Package Ownership

Packages are strictly scoped by GitHub username and are therefore always owned/controlled by that GitHub user/org. Ownership may also be granted to, or revoked from, additional users to allow for collaborative management of packages. Ownership within the registry is only a statement of who can modify a package, it is not a statement of copyright or intellectual property ownership.

Package Removal

To maintain stability in the ecosystem we will continue hosting packages wherever possible. We do not allow users to remove packages, instead they may only 'yank' a package version. However in certain circumstances we may have to remove a package entirely, such as:

  • When required to by law (for example a DMCA request)
  • Package content poses a threat to the community/ecosystem
  • Package content violates the Code of Conduct outlined below

The Law

Any issues relating to legal matters, including DMCA violations or copyright infringement, should be sent to wally@uplift.games. We will comply with any request we are required to by law.

Code of Conduct

We expect users to follow a few guidelines listed below when using our registry. These guidelines outline the general spirit we expect and are not an exhaustive list.

  • All content should be safe and friendly for all users. Do not upload any content which could be offensive, misleading, or harmful to anyone. Similarly do not upload any content you do not have prior permission from the owner to upload.
  • Harassment is never ok. Uploading a package to this registry is not an obligation to maintain the package or respond to feedback. Do not demand or excessively communicate with package owners.
  • Always be constructive and helpful. We host this registry so we can work together as a community and support each other, this way everyone wins. Trying to drag each other down helps no one.
  • Content should be related to developing Roblox experiences. While hosting other content is certainly an interesting idea, it is not our goal and we want our registry to remain focused on the Roblox ecosystem.

Additionally, we expect users to follow the contributor covenant code of conduct https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/2/1/code_of_conduct/.

We do not pro-actively search for violations, instead we rely upon the community to bring them to our attention. We reserve the right to make our own judgement of what constitutes a violation of this Code of Conduct, however we will always act in a way we believe provides the greatest benefit to the community as a whole.

To report violations please send an email to wally@uplift.games.


Security is something we take seriously and we strive to provide the most secure and reliable implementation possible. Should you find any cause for concern, we would love to hear from you!

Please send any security concerns you may have to security@uplift.games and we will attempt to rectify them as a matter of priority.


If you intend to crawl our API we require you to limit your request rate to 1 request per second. Additionally we require you to set an appropriate user agent to identify your bot. Ideally the user agent also gives us a way to contact you. We would also appreciate you sending us an email stating your intentions to wally@uplift.games.

We reserve the right to block any automated request which fails to follow these guidelines or we believe threatens the integrity of our service.